Classical Hatha Yoga Prices

1 hour 20 minute class

1 class per week- Tuesday or Thursday- $160 – 8 week session

2 classes per week- Tuesday & Thursday- $304 – 8 week session

Casual – $24 per class

1 hour class

1 class a week- $136 – 8 week session

Casual – $22 per class

Express yoga

Term session – $18 per class

Term classes are paid in full for the term, alternate payment options and plans are offered if required. Gift Vouchers are available.

I enjoyed pregnancy and antenatal yoga with Alison about 9 years ago, and it was wonderful – a special way of connecting with my baby and helping me prepare for his birth and beyond.  Alison’s approach was very professional and her passion for yoga very evident.  She conveyed a deep respect for pregnancy and for the physical and emotional wellbeing of mother and baby.

When Alison returned to the area recently, I was keen to take up yoga with her again. I appreciate her calm and gentle manner and her obvious knowledge and expertise.  Alison’s voice is very soothing and authentic, promoting trust and relaxation, and her acceptance that everyone experiences yoga differently and according to the way they feel each day is reassuring. The whole experience is very positive and uplifting.

Alison has a lovely studio, set in tranquil gardens in the Noosa hinterland. My yoga class is one of the highlights of my week, a time to reconnect with myself, and do something positive for my long term health.

Carmel Desjardins

Private Classes

A general group class is not always suitable for everyone. Private classes offer flexibility and convenience, allowing you to formulate a class at a time and day that fits your lifestyle. Personalised instruction is given that is tailored to your own style at a level of practice for your own body. Sessions may include individuals, couples, and family members.

Ideal for-

  • Busy people who are unable to follow a consistent schedule
  • If you are recuperating from an illness or injury
  • Targeting a particular area of the body
  • Recovering from emotional and stressful turmoil.
  • Parents and children
  • Beginners concerned about formal classes
  • Groups of friends sharing the cost

1 hour- $80 (up to 3 people )

1 ½ hours $120 (up to 3 people)

An additional $10 per person for four or more students.

Specialised Group Classes

Enjoy the flexibility of attending a group class at a convenient time and day that suits your schedule. Mum & Bub, Prenatal and Kids Yoga may be organised by yourselves as a group (minimum of six).

Mum and Bub Yoga & Prenatal Yoga Classes– 1 ½ hours -8-week course- $200

Kids Yoga Classes– 45min- 8-week course- 3-8 years, 8-12 years, and teens $120

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